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Email: jefischer1@mccneb.edu
Office Phone: 402-289-1274
Office Location: EVC room 141C
Current Courses: CHEM 1010 - College Chemistry
CHEM 1010 - College Chemistry Lab
CHEM 1210 - Gen Chemistry: Part I
CHEM 1210 - General Chemistry: Part I Lab
CHEM 1211 - Gen Chemistry: Part II
CHEM 1211 - General Chemistry:Part II Lab
Office Hours: Usually EVC room 141C (inside room 141A) but occasionally I will be at FOC.
Please make an appointment. (Email me several times that you are available, in order of preference, and I will put you down for the first available option.)

Office Hours:
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Program/Department: Math & Natural Sciences
Academic Dean: Mike Flesch